Generally, I occasionally look for people who are interested in a cosplay photoshoot, with their own or someone else's costume. This usually also applies my price 10 € per image. Unless I ask the people extra. If an order is placed here, this can be done under TFP or fee-based. Talk to me on it.


They come to my studio in Schalksmühle - Germany. Get a welcome drink and then we start the preliminary talk. Then follows the costume. When everything is ready, the photo shoot begins. Here you should take your time. A shoot is at least 3 hours - so a whole afternoon should be scheduled. At the end, the pictures are still processed and they can take the pictures on a stick. The photos are released for free use.


You should also be aware that I will publish the photos I have created - unless they explicitly point out that this is not desirable. Everything else is then defined in the photo shoot contract. The photos are published on my homepage as well as on Instagram or Facebook, provided that no contradiction occurs here.